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Queensland Health - Consolidation of information

The Queensland Health organisation is spread over a large geographic region and employs more than 70,000 people across more than 150 facilities and 18 districts.

The performance outcomes from implementing IMS Safety Management System* have been impressive.

The organisation has recorded significant improvements from both a human resource and financial perspective.

IMS Safety Management System integrates the information Queensland Health receives from WorkCover Queensland with that of the information within the IMS database. It also identifies claims that may have not been notified to the OHS Unit. There should be no compensation claim without an associated incident investigation.

Queensland Health implemented the IMS Safety Management System across all operations after a three year pilot. The benefits of the system were carefully measured to ensure the expected improvement in OH&S were realised however, the results were far better than anyone had dared to hope for.

“Days lost to injury went from 2,645 to 382 over a 12 month period, an 86% reduction.” - Mr Ian Bynon (Director Safety & Wellbeing, People and Culture Strategic Services, Queensland Health)

*LOGOSS is powered by IMS by Worksafe Management Systems.

Gladstone Regional Council

Why Gladstone Regional Council played it safe and
improved their bottom line in the process.

Gladstone Regional Council [GRC] has achieved stunning results by taking a proactive approach to safety with the help of LOGOSS software. In the first nine months since go live, the Council has a reported bottom line improvement of $250,000 from the strategic initiatives implemented in 2013 – 2014. It is estimated a further $200,000 has been saved in on-costs in addition to the reductions in reported statutory claims.

“We didn’t try and sell it on savings, as no one would have believed us if
we told them what we thought we might achieve…but the fact that we have
achieved so much, so quickly is a bonus.”

CLICK HERE to find out how LOGOSS contributed to significant savings for Gladstone Regional Council

Download: CLICK HERE to find out how LOGOSS contributed to significant savings for Gladstone Regional Council (PDF 2.1 Mb)